What is Shading Powder?

Shading Powder

  • Shading Powder is a dust that is thrown on greenhouses in order to protect the plant from the damaging effects of sunlight in greenhouse areas with intense sunlight.

  • Shading Powder is temporary shading powder. It stays on the greenhouse surface for approximately 6-8 weeks depending on the weather condition (rainfall intensity).

  • It is completely natural product. It does not contain chemical substance and dye chemicals.

  • Another type of shading powder is shading powder that passes through a single rainfall.

  • It is completely natural. It does not contain chemicals. Therefore, it can be used safely in both glass and plastic greenhouses.

  • Does not clog during spraying

  • Shading Powder protects the plant and fruit from sunburn by preventing the harmful solar rays from entering the greenhouse.

  • Increases product quality and productivity.