Usage of Shading Powder

How to Use Shading Powder

  • 1 bag (25 kg) of Ortili Shading Powder can be applied on 2 decare (2,000 m2) area.

  • 75-100 liter of water is filled into the pulverizator tank and the mixer of the tank is started and half of the Ortili Shading Powder is poured slowly in the tank. Later, 75-100 liter of water is added and the remaining half of Ortili Shading Powder is poured slowly.

  • Continue mixing for about 10-15 minutes.

  • It continues to be mixed during the application on the greenhouse surface.

  • Because of Ortili shading powder is micronized very finely (5 microns), it does not clog the pulverizator.

  • The greenhouse surface to be applied must be dry and clean. It is not applied when there is dew and rain.

  • At least 4 hours of drying time should be provided after the application.