Tuta Absoluta Pheromone

Product specifications

  • 0,8 mg Pheromone.
  • A septum dispenser (Bromobutyl).
  • Duration: 8-10 weeks
  • Packed in aluminium-PE pouches
  • Conservation: in freezer, 2 years.


  • Put 1 specific pheromone capsule for Tuta absoluta per trap.  
  • Traps density: 2-4 traps/Ha. In bigger crops than 3-4, put 1 trap/Ha. Preferably we will put one in the centre and the other one in the borders. In the greenhouse, put one trap every 500m². Put at least one trap/greenhouse.
  • Settle the traps at the beginning of the growing or before replanting. Put the traps on the ground or low height. Important → The Delta traps must be installed with the overture facing the main regional winds. With Funnel traps it is advisable to put an insecticide tablet (DDVP) in the background of each trap.
  • Control the traps once a week. Remove the captured insects. In Delta traps, replace the gummed based when it loses its adhesive capability.
  • Keep the traps 2-3 weeks after harvest and its residues.

Tuta absoluta pheromones are packed per 5 lures in a sealed aluminum pouch.