Daylight is one of the most important factors in growing crops in greenhouses. Depending on which region you grow crops; We have to work hard to make sure the products get enough sunlight during the long dark winter months or to make sure they are not damaged by the harmful effects of daylight in the hot summer months.
Fortunately, products have been developed to optimize the effects of daylight and meet the needs of greenhouse gardeners. Shading Powder is one of these products.
Shading Powder is a cost effective shading product used to create a temporary shade in greenhouses. It can be used in all kinds of greenhouses regardless of glass or plastic and creates an effective white barrier against excessive heat and daylight. This shadow powder layer has a wear resistance of up to 2 months. If necessary, one more layer can be applied.
With Ortili Shading Powder, Karbeyaz Shading Powder and Avva Shading Powder that we produce, we manage to minimize the damage of greenhouse plants from daylight during long and hot summer months.