How to Clean Shading Powder?

  • 400 - 500 liter of water is filled into the pulverizator tank and the mixer of the tank is started and half of the Yuyucu Shading Powder cleaner is poured in the tank.
  • It is sprayed on the greenhouse surface which is covered with shadding powder.
  • The sprayed surface is washed with pressurized artesian (drilling) water before it dries. If it is thought that it will rain in a short time, this procedure is not necessary.
  • It is recommended that the application be done in the morning and evening at cool and / or shady times.
  • The greenhouse surface is cleaned without rubbing with a brush.
  • The greenhouse surface is cleaned without much effort and labor.
  • Avoid getting the Yuyucu Shading Powder Cleaner in contact with the skin and eyes.
  • It is recommended to use protective gloves and goggles during the application.